Beavis and Butt-Head: The Mike Judge Collection: Volume 1 amazon reviews essentials

good actors
animation crude
collection excellent
fecal matter
definitely great
doesn't bother
love set
still think
nothing wrong
few time
glad purchased
I'm glad
Water Safety
kept box
several good
love series
good seller
love quality
totally recommend
funny stuff
good price
good job
not good
not great
very fast
wish order
like remembered
sent back
too funny
old little
suppose money
wants make
love collection
love guys
always funny
makes proud
no problems
happy find
most awesome
seasons year
lot more
years later
tolerate watching
it's good
gets lot
it's funny
really enjoy
most popular
personally like
already know
stupid stupid
want get
too know
good manners
very good
never possible
good deal
episode edited
it's nice
not perfect
not enough
middle school
great quality
great addition
great set
looking forward
don't love
Most Wanted
stuff great
always love
really loved
great laughs
never easy
absolutely love
pretty straightforward
maybe nostalgia
great show
it's worth
wish more
finally get
happy see
ahead time
great collection
look great
very enjoyable
set already
don't give
VERY funny
worth buying
absolutely great
really like
Nothing Happening
really matter
very long
most people
characters love
like picture
very happy
first two
funny good
not like
pretty good
much better
can't believe
give 5 stars
don't expect
still love
price too high
not mad
know most
actually think
remember show
case one
good show
first disappointed
like cartoons
five minutes
get more
don't know
well anyway
loved more
Home Improvement
few cuts
Time Life
time favorites
King Hill
not allowed
instead make
don't understand
no idea
cut completely
no one
early morning
stupid things
good lot
not bad
set more
too short
it's hard
like know
without music
great first
think show
lot great
can't give
it's stupid
whole season
really made
it's great
really want
see rental
like see
nothing more
think get
think sucks
watching make
slightly disappointed
sort thing
never know
it's Ok
funny show
no more
hope episodes
not funny
wanted music
not music
episodes edited
save money
more obvious
products never
good money
best part
want see
hard believe
show people
great album
really stupid
like Work
good amount
think time
devolved years
too hot
don't want
definitely get
ten minutes
get one
time third
don't remember
find hard
never see
even watching
very discouraging
not worth
really nice
no complaints
give fans
buy first
great deal
very simple
wait see
try hard
makes cringe
ashamed fan
best episodes
no music
not play
very excited
don't buy
give people
Don't Like
favorite lines
I'm fan
definitely buy
get good
totally worth
nice know
not happy
very disappointed
too expensive
not mention
totally bummed
show terrible
not recommend
no longer
not watered
something wrong
ever made
heavily edited
disappointed discs
know getting
early episodes
really hilarious
button most
doesn't make
whole deal
likely poor
hoping good
don't believe
get idea
opinion anyway
apparent reason
don't waste money
lost money
incomplete episodes
thoroughly disappointed
original show
not work
altered episodes
guess two
worth watching
very irritating
terrible stuff