Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner, 2000Pa Super Power Suction &Wi-Fi Connectivity and Smart Navigating Robot Vacuum with 5200mAh Battery Capacity for Pet Hair, Carpet & Hard Floor (White) amazon reviews essentials

not good
save map
find vacuum
across house
works well
times day
better expected
remote control
very pleased
make more
cleans well
extremely happy
doesn't get
battery life
very useful
whole house
hard floors
job done
works great
entire house
map house
very quiet
really happy
suction power
good enough
virtual walls
two different
great job
easy clean
wish more
right box
work great
exceeded expectations
mop feature
most time
nice job
really liked
don't use
daily basis
good job
product great
added bonus
really good
easy install
love vacuum
works perfectly
great buy
virtual barriers
damp cloth
it's great
house one
really love
mapped house
much more expensive
clean house
don't know
invisible walls
looks great
thing amazing
very small
not used
work well
maps house
great little
long hair
mop floors
it's nice
lot time
daily maintenance
great purchase
floor house
never gets
it’s great
don’t like
purchased two
first day
time saver
highly recommended
looks good
really nice
ever owned
no idea
worth price
I'm glad
it's easy
nice clean
simply amazing
vacuum amazing
different types
pleased purchase
very nice
high quality
zoned cleaning
no more
well worth
love thing
don't like
no complaints
random pattern
no problems
love much
definitely worth
want get
I'm very satisfied
without issues
great machine
great vacuum
it's first
love fact
build quality
fantastic product
very easy set
very happy purchase
5 stars
twice week
easy maintain
work perfectly
gift card
really get
excellent job
easy remove
very convenient
far good
like see
price great
doesn't bother
individual rooms
love smart
no hair
don't expect
master bedroom
battery power
top line
extremely impressed
like vacuum
it’s good
love product
works advertised
highly recommend product
great deal
vacuum excellent
I'm very impressed
really used
far more
really great
decided buy
definitely buy
super easy
worth every penny
very fast
no big deal
pleasantly surprised
very easy use
finally decided
works good
get vacuum
not great
water tank
don't want
enough get
long term
next time
roller brush
little more
didn't notice
1 star
power button
not very good
five stars
pretty good
doesn't work
first one
few minutes
worked great
charging station
no longer
good product
good thing
clean time
vacuum worked
great features
smart home
something wrong
cliff sensors
way better
build map
not like
work very well
gets everything
wait see
user friendly
decent job
it's more
it's worth
good machine
send vacuum
worked well
docking station
hard surfaces
amazing product
works very well
I'm embarrassed
got stuck
second floor
no one
works fine
returning dock
never used
great value
issue vacuum
pretty nice
totally worth
it's good
amount time
returns base
very accurate
buy another one
three dogs
base station
not more
very poor
needs improvement
get one
too small
not work
easy fix
it's done
months later
month later
very disappointed
much smaller
sending back
sent back
doesn’t work
original review
not worth money
followed instructions
fully charged
didn't work
don't buy
lot more
product used
not vacuum
NO luck
few seconds
nothing wrong
tried everything
stopped working
cleaned sensors
nothing worked
worked fine
don't waste money
never buy
don’t waste money