What could be competitive to Google?

Like me, you used to face a problem of finding no right answer when asking a question in Google, or finding it after persistent search only, digging in a jungle of motley HTML and experimenting with different phrases.

Certainly, Google is good but not perfect. There is still a huge number of questions Google gives no answer to.

Sometimes they are very rare, and the web does not answer them at all, sometimes the answer is far from the first search results due to subjective features of Google's ranking pages. Google does not often categorize most related results in the first place - and that is the very thing that must be there, if you ask precisely formulated question not a set of keywords.

Now imagine that there is an army of people knowing the answer of the question you failed to find with Google (or Bing), but certain restrictions related to the unavailability of required technologies and motivations, you can not attract these people's attention and have to find a way to be responded.

There are many websites with questions and answers to be used. But their audience is quite limited - most people do not spend their time to view sites of this kind and wait for being asked a question.

However, things may really change if one offers a larger motivator than the one now available on ordinary usual questions and answers websites (that is, various virtual prizes and rating points). What if we give authors real money for answering and even asking questions?

Naturally, an undertaking like this will attract much more people willing to ask questions and answer them. But where do we get money to pay these authors?

The solution is simple. We can take some of the money paid by advertisers placing their ads on questions and answers web pages. It is even very fine because authors of the pages may be definitely considered owners of the information attracting potential advertisers' customers, ordinary visitors as you and us.

This way we will get a perfect interaction helix leading us to success and prosperity: authors receiving advertising income will compete against each other, uploading more accurate and interesting answers; alternate views and new answers will attract more visitors, popularity growth will attract a greater number of advertisers; advertisers' increased competition will raise advertising price, and this would in turn increase authors' income; concerned authors will upload better and more interesting questions and answers.

This cycle of developing relationships can last as long as possible, because even if the CPC has a kind of final market price, then the number of questions and answers to be placed by authors, is endless indefinitely.

We have all the necessary prerequisites to believe that such a scenario will allow us to produce the largest questions and answers database and, at the same time the most convenient tool for every user in the planet, enabling to get answers of any questions immediately.

The first version of such a project is the website
http://ayauho.com//Dlya-chego-Vy-zhivyote http://ayauho.com//Kak-konkurirovat-s-Guglom