iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal- Wi-Fi Connected, Smart Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors amazon reviews essentials

much quieter
long hair
no more
worth every penny
specific rooms
really nice
works perfectly
works great
first day
don't want
got stuck
no idea
love set
no complaints
never vacuum
without issues
cat litter
ceramic tile
saved sanity
house two
get one
love vacuum
love fact
love product
it's easy
love much
times day
it's perfect
way better
highly recommended
doesn't get
good job
thing awesome
very happy purchase
mapped house
several years
worth price
it’s nice
better expected
recommend anyone
threw away
great job
few minutes
much cleaner
maps house
regular vacuum
Black Friday
never know
good things
easy clean
twice week
like champ
not like
it's nice
air filter
great product
German shepherd
very nice
not perfect
user friendly
very easy set
end day
few seconds
something wrong
best part
top line
recently purchased
house vacuum
very pleased
almost month
I'm impressed
look great
more dirt
dog poop
love device
Christmas gift
second floor
time day
glad purchased
get done
works very well
seems good
pretty well
absolutely love
mapping great
I'm happy
entire floor
middle night
really impressed
little more
excellent job
well need
hard time
decided purchase
super easy
keep zones
very helpful
thing amazing
long term
it’s more
used vacuum
exceeded expectations
very cool
returns base
really good
times week
easy program
best thing
time saver
no carpeting
loud noise
makes difference
definitely worth
originally purchased
fantastic job
vacuum amazing
doesn't work
battery life
easy make
very expensive
no problems
never get
worked well
not very good
don't like
works well
charging station
it’s great
pleasantly surprised
more time
full disclosure
sent back
don't know
it's great
finally decided
very small
lot time
get work
first thing
old vacuum
no clue
it's expensive
first two
very high
job done
first one
very loud
it's more
needs charge
almost like
work great
pretty quiet
clean house
hard floors
master bath
not problem
map house
not impressed
not enough
love thing
not more
needs attention
really great
works fine
not great
get more
first cleaning
far good
needs cleaned
small area
bumping wall
really enjoyed
several days
second time
don't understand
unit base
didn't expect
mapping house
not vacuum
not easy
make work
never problem
most time
it’s good
not bad
technology improved
picking hair
don’t like
work very well
very hard
speaking experience
small house
it's good
pros cons
clean time
gets places
no big deal
not work well
no longer
worked great
worked perfectly
pretty good
no one
whole house
stopped working
far more
docking station
didn't work
find dock
send replacement
don't use
called support
Customer Service
fully charged
not recommend
sent replacement
never worked
good product
base station
good luck
no improvement
requires attention
everything fine
next morning
return base
first week
days later
followed instructions
entire house
very impressed
suction power
no power
next time
lot stuff
don't work
very simple
works really
doesn't charge
regular basis
more efficient
no response
give 5 stars
very quiet
get message
extremely loud
several months
new battery
nothing worked
low quality
not worth money
not cheap
first month
amount time
work fine
worked fine
doesn’t work
tap bumper
don’t waste money
nothing helped
save money
technical support
don't buy
no obstruction
very disappointing
extended warranty
called Amazon
piece junk
extremely disappointed
contacted manufacturer
NO luck
I'm patience
great concept
very unhappy
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